About Us

Delta Consultants of South County, Inc. is committed to developing positive, productive and therapeutic relationships with our clients. We hope that this brief description of who we are and what we offer answers your questions about our group. We welcome your inquiries and feedback.

Delta Consultants is an interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals committed to meeting the individual needs of our clients. We believe we can best achieve this goal by offering a broad range of relevant services. During an initial interview, problem areas will be evaluated and consideration is given to choosing the appropriate staff member to help with the client’s specific objectives. In this way, an individual, couple or family can, with professional guidance, develop a plan to achieve their particular objectives.

Although you may be working with a single member of our staff, we can consult confidentially with other members of our team when appropriate. In this way, Delta clients receive the benefit of the collective expertise of other staff members, often without additional cost.

When a child is encountering difficulty, it is often necessary to conduct a multidisciplinary assessment to gain a full understanding of what is happening for that child. Through this process, we are able to formulate a written educational and treatment plan, taking into consideration the needs of both child and family.

Delta Consultants also provides a wide range of consultation services to schools and other agencies. In-service training, second opinion on diagnosis, and consultation with inter-agency treatment personnel are among the services we offer.

In all of our professional activities, Delta Consultants is committed to:

  • Providing high quality clinical services
  • Recommending only those services we believe are necessary
  • Providing appropriate follow up
  • Being available for meeting with schools, agencies, and other professionals to put our recommendations into effect
  • Treating all our clients with dignity and respect